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Which electric cars have the longest range in 2021?

A key concern of every car buyer considering an electric vehicle (EV) is range. The distance an electric car can cover using a single charge can be an important factor for many, depending on their driving habits. The good news is that the latest EVs are capable of sufficient range to answer most drivers’ needs with ease.

For those looking for the longest-range EVs available this year, read on to find the front runners when it comes to truly going the distance.

Three offerings from Tesla

As experts in electric car technology, Tesla takes the top three spots with EVs capable of the greatest range. The Tesla Model S Long Range is the undisputed champion, with a range of 379 miles measured by the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) standard. In second place, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range can travel 348 miles on a single charge and the Tesla Model X Long Range completes the trio, covering 314 miles. While Tesla EVs offer superior range, they are also among the more expensive options available, however, their price would appear justifiable as they remain the leading luxury electric option across the board.

High performance from Jaguar

When Jaguar created its EV, it didn’t test out a hybrid first but put its paw to the pedal and went full electric with the i-Pace. Although at 292 miles its range is significantly less than the Tesla entries, this SUV boasts high-performance levels, informed by Jaguar’s racing wing at Formula E.

Cost-effective Kia

The Kia e-Niro has a range of 282 miles, but when it comes to the price of an electric vehicle, it can really compete. With a £36,495 price tag, this electric car costs less than half the price of a Tesla Model S while supplying a range that’s only 97 miles less.

Whether you’re looking for luxury levels of comfort or a solution to suit a certain budget, you’ll find a wide choice of EVs available, but for the time being at least, Tesla remains the leaders when it comes to long-range options by far.

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