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What is the cheapest electric car?

By 2030, petrol cars in the UK will be no more, and instead, the roads will be busy with electric vehicles. With this in mind, now may be the best time to start looking into electric cars and waving goodbye to traditionally fuelled vehicles slowly. The ban on petrol is not in place just yet. However, there are already plenty of EV’s to choose from.

Many people will falsely assume that only high earners can afford to own an electric vehicle. This assumption comes after the rise in popularity of the Tesla which can cost up to £81,000. However, many electric cars have much lower price ranges and are perfectly affordable for the average household. When it comes to EV’s, you don’t have to be rich to do your part for the planet. So, what is the cheapest electric car?

The SEAT Mii electric car

If you want to go fully electric but don’t want to pay Tesla prices, the SEAT Mii may be the perfect vehicle for you. The car is 100% electric and can be bought for just £20,300.

Despite its lower price, this compact car offers a range of impressive features that puts it up there with the most expensive EVs on the road. The car is exceptionally comfortable, with sports style seats that offer style and practicality for those longer journeys. The SEAT Mii also includes cruise control and parking sensors to make driving this electric vehicle a walk in the park. Ease of use is central to this car, making it the perfect choice for any every day, electric runaround.

The SEAT Mii has an impressive range of 169-233 miles and the vehicles works exceptionally well in urban settings. If you do decide to buy yourself this great EV, you can expect electric running costs of around £26 per month, which is far cheaper than the costs of running a petrol vehicle. The SEAT Mii has everything that you need for a comfortable, reliable vehicle and is an excellent choice of electric vehicle for anyone.

If you would like to learn more about the electric vehicles that are on offer in the UK, feel free to check out our blog where you will find everything that you need to know about the world of electric cars.

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