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How to tow an electric vehicle

There are many benefits to be had from driving an electric car. They are good for the environment and often more cost-effective. But with all those moving parts, a large powerful battery, and fallible tires, like all other cars, your EV is not immune to needing towing services from time to time.

When you should get your electric car towed

Flat tires are the most common issue road users experience and unfortunately, electric vehicles are also susceptible to this bugbear. The problem is that many EV’s do not carry a spare tire, rather there is usually a patching kit in the boot for these mishaps, though they are not always the best solution.

Batteries are another common problem for your electric car. Charging is an essential part of its maintenance, but occasionally you or another person in your household may forget to do this, leading to a frustrating roadside breakdown. Other times the battery might become worn and need replacing.

A third issue is having trouble with braking. Like vehicles powered by gas, your EV’s brakes should be maintained regularly. Should you notice a brake problem starting to manifest, it is advised to stop driving and allowing for a towing specialist to escort you to the closest electric vehicle servicing shop.

Now we have established some possible reasons why your electric car might need towing, let’s look at what you should do before that happens…

Pre-tow essentials to consider

If your electric vehicle needs rescuing, always ensure the service provider offers a flatbed tow truck. Flatbed tow trucks can carry the entire vehicle rather than dragging it down a road.

Many electric vehicles are not designed to have a neutral position that enables them to be moved without compromising the quality of the motor, so a hook and chain job is likely to damage the motor and your car.

Charging vs. towing

So, what about simply charging your EV instead of having it towed? Well, it is never a bad idea to enquire whether the towing company offer any such services as they might be in possession of a charging truck (a tow truck that has charging capabilities). These are specialist trucks built for this exact purpose, however, not all companies offer them.

Knowing the best way to have your electric car towed is one thing, but what about the strongly held belief that it is also possible to charge your vehicle while it is being towed? Is this even possible? Well…

Although multiple establishments have claimed to do it, we won’t advise that here. For one thing, you can default the warranty on your car by doing it, plus it is even deemed illegal in certain countries such as the United States. To recharge your electric car following the towing method, your wheels should be rested on the ground with a driver using the brakes. This is done to trigger the recharge through regenerative braking. Brake control is extremely important and the driver should not step on the pedals.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what type of car you own, it is always advisable to be prepared for any eventuality through keeping up a high level of vehicle maintenance and thus hopefully avoiding tow trucks altogether.

Always keep the phone number of a towing service provider saved in your phone, no matter what the make/model of car you are driving, and ensure that the towing company you have saved offer the right kind of towing service for your needs. For more information on electric vehicles, contact Rogers Electric today!

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