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How to charge an electric car in the UK

Charging electric vehicles (EVs) isn’t a challenging task and essentially involves plugging them into a dedicated charge point via a cable to replenish their battery pack. Here in the United Kingdom, you’ll find four different locations for charging: at work, at home, at service stations and at some public sites.

From driving equipped with your own charge cable to charging up en-route with a high-powered charge point, read on for all you need to know about how to charge up an electric car around the UK.

Home charging

You’ll find most EV chargers designed for the home come with an attached cable, which you simply plug into your vehicle’s charge point to begin charging. Additionally, home chargers with a universal ‘Type 2’ socket are readily available that take a separate cable and plug into your vehicle in exactly the same way. These cables are sometimes provided by your EV manufacturer but can also be purchased alongside a home charger.

EVs can even be plugged in using a conventional 3-pin plug at your home. The downside of this method is that charging will take longer, and normal sockets will not have the safety features of a built-for-purpose charger, making it not the most effective method.

Workplace charging

Work chargers supplied on premises tend to offer similar charging speeds to home set-ups and typically use “Type 2” sockets, so staff don’t need to supply their own cables. While it depends on the individual enterprise, you may need to use a smartphone app or RFID swiped card to start charging your EV.

Service station charging

These rapid charge points deliver a large quantity of electricity in a short period and are offered in return for payment. The cables you plug into your EV to charge it are tethered to the charging units, which means you never have to carry your own.

Public charging

Finally, you’ll find certain destination sites will offer EV charging, and to encourage custom, this service may even be free. To use these options, however, you will typically need to provide your own charge cable and may need to download an app to your smartphone to initiate charging.

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