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Now you can compare EV charger & energy tariffs with Rightcharge to save you money

Newly launched comparison site Rightcharge has the potential to save EV drivers more than £230 per year, as well as in excess of £100 on the upfront cost of installing a home charge unit.

Electric car registrations are up 157 per cent so far in 2020, but Rightcharge says drivers who buy EVs are missing the opportunity to switch to special EV energy tariffs and install smart charge points, costing them hundreds of pounds a year in energy bills in some cases.

Rightcharge aims to prevent this by allowing drivers to compare the most suitable tariffs and chargers, as well as find out which firm is best to have install the charger.

EV-oriented energy tariffs and smart chargers save electric car drivers money by only charging their vehicles at times when electricity is cheap. However, only around 20 per cent of EV owners currently use such a tariff.

Charlie Cook, founder and CEO of Rightcharge, said: “The explosion of EV ownership means there is more choice than ever of cars, chargers and energy tariffs. However, without easy to compare information, drivers are still in the dark about what options work best for them to get the best deal.

“Our free online tool is the only service on the market that solves this for drivers, providing easy to understand and impartial advice that’s tailored to every customer.”

Rightcharge is also partnering with a number of leasing companies and car dealerships across the UK to help those buying a new EV compare their home charging options.

Cook added: “Our relationships with charge point providers and hand-picked installers mean we can give customers the best possible experience and price. Dealerships and leasing companies are experts in educating consumers about the benefits of EVs, but by partnering with Rightcharge, they also have instant access to the UK’s only all-in-one comparison service for home charging.”

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[…] As electric cars become more popular, smart home chargers are looking to find cheaper alternatives. One method is cheaper energy. For example, many smart home chargers now monitor your energy usage so you have a good idea of your costs. If costs are looking too high, it might be an indication to switch to cheaper tariffs. You can now use Rightcharge to compare energy tariffs for EV charging. […]

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