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Are electric vehicles really green?

Electric vehicles have soared in popularity over the last few years. With many more on the market, and an increasing amount of electric charging points popping up in public spaces, it is becoming increasingly more acceptable to ditch fuel-based cars and go electric.

But, are electric vehicles really green? It’s essential to have a clear idea of exactly what goes into making electric cars before investing in one. This blog post will analyse the carbon efficiency of electric cars compared to their fuel-based counterparts.

Electric cars – are they zero emissions?

The first notable difference between electric cars and traditional fuel-based cars is that electric cars do not pump anything back into the atmosphere, unlike their petrol and diesel guzzling alternatives. In this respect, electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions.

How is the electricity made?

However, it’s important to consider exactly how the electricity is made. For example, coal is not a fuel-efficient source, and in some countries, the use of coal to produce electricity is widespread. To avoid this, opt for cleaner energy sources where possible. The UK is trying to rely more on wind power, which is a much more sustainable source than coal. It is up to you, however, to try to use a responsible electricity provider.

The production of electric cars

Electric cars do use quite a lot of CO2 in their production because the lithium-ion batteries in them are quite complicated to put together. This is part of creating any product, and it doesn’t mean that electric cars are unsustainable, but it is worth noting that this is another reason why electric cars aren’t completely zero-emission.

The good news

If you use clean electricity sources, electric cars are much more sustainable than fuel-based cars – even when bearing their production in mind. More governments all over the world are moving towards wind and solar power, so these sources will soon be much more readily available to the general public.

If you’re going electric, try to ensure that your electricity provider is taking steps to be cleaner – and challenge businesses and other establishments who are using non-sustainable electricity sources!

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