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Are all electric cars automatic?

The world is undergoing an automotive revolution and electric cars are at the forefront. With electric vehicles increasing in popularity and projections showing that global revenue from electric cars sales is expected to quintuple by 2027, it’s natural that drivers have many questions about what is on offer on the market.

As electric cars cannot stall in the same way that petrol or diesel cars can, they generally do not require a clutch and so tend to be automatic. This may lead you to wonder whether all EVs are actually automatic.

So, are all electric vehicles really automatic?

Why do electric cars not need a clutch?

EVs cannot stall in the same way as a petrol car or a diesel car. In petrol and diesel vehicles, clutches transmit torque from a rotating driving motor to the transmission. As this process does not occur in the same way within an electric car, a clutch is unnecessary, meaning that the transmission is automatic more often than not.

Are there any manual electric cars?

Currently, EVs with manual transmission are few and far between, but that does not mean they do not exist or that there is no technological capability for them to exist. Ford has previously showcased its stunning electric Mustang, built with a manual transmission at the Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas back in 2019.

The futuristic car, dubbed “Mustang Lithium” is capable of more than 900 horsepower and runs on an 800-volt battery. However, the electric manual Mustang is simply a prototype and is not currently available for sale. There are anecdotal reports that several brands are working on the idea of creating an electric car with a manual transmission, however, so it is possible that one will eventually make it to the market.

What does the future hold for EVs?

Since Ford has managed to design and build an EV with a manual transmission, then it is clear that technology is possible. As more drivers embrace electric cars, it’s likely that more manufacturers will start to create manual ones in order to satisfy demand.

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